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I enjoyed producing photos and video for the newlyweds. It was natural, they said, to think of me to record the baptism, the first birthday, the rice ceremony, the awards, the coming of age party (quinceañera, cotillion, debutant ball, sweet 16 party, etc.), grandchildren, then, of course, the inevitable losses of grandparents, parents, siblings, children. Some people will wonder, “who spoke at my grandmother’s funeral” or “I was too little to ever know any of my father’s friends”. I know we have solid technology to attend memorial services and produce Blu-ray and regular DVDs plus high resolution photos. Seeings is beliving. God- willing, when it happens, we will be there. For the future there is only what we can preserve now. If you have loved ones who cannot attend the memorial services we can make a Blu-ray high definition master plus enough copies of the event on DVD to send anyone the video recording of the memorial services. Wireless microphones capture the tributes, the emotion, the outpouring, and the history that is now capable of preservation. Please call me to discuss your needs. You can use the packages prices on my website as a rough guide, but please know, most memorial services are 20% or more less. And you get the same features. You can contact me now or look at a few photos and stills from videos of funerals and memorial services which I captured recently in the San Jose, Santa Clara and South San Francisco Bay areas. My name is Douglas Dailey. I have been photographing, videorecording and editing for many years locally. If you need help with photography and/or videography for a funeral or memorial services, I can  help you.
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