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San Jose Wedding Photography - Mother Adjusts Bride's Gown Wedding Photography, Santa Clara Mission - Altar, Couple with Priest Wedding Photograph, San Jose - Couple waves from Car Window Wedding Photograph, San Jose Filipino Family Portrait Wedding Photograph, San Jose - Bride & Bridesmaids in elevator Wedding Photograph, San Jose - Bride Adjusts Shoe
Bride with Mother
Mission Wedding Photo
Couple waves from car
Filipino Family Portrait
Bride & Bridesmaids
Bride prepares
Weddign Photograph, San Jose Filipino Catholic Ceremony
Formals after the Ceremony
Wedding Photograph, San Francisco Park - Couple
San Francisco Park
Wedding Photograph, San Jose - Altar, Bride & Groom
Formal photos at altar
San Jose Wedding Photography - First Dance
First Dance
Wedding Photograph, San Jose Center for Spiritual Enlightenment - Bride waits in Limo
Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
Wedding Photography, San Jose Center for Spiritual Enlightenment - Bride Waits in Limo
Couple in woods
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Advanced Wedding Photography & Videography